"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

Time flies ....

I can't believe it's March already!  End of summer  and Perth has endured the second hottest summer on record and the temperatures this weekend are still really hot - even though we're supposedly in autumn, no wonder my poor garden gets confused.  Meanwhile on the east coast of Australia many are being flooded out of their homes ....  my thoughts are with loved ones and hoping they stay safe and dry.

Hibiscus thrives in our hot  summer weather

I have been a busy girl working on the latest assignment - as I posted before - it's the vegetable study.  I ended up deciding to paint the turnips .... basically because nothing else looked appealing in our heat wave conditions and the turnips seemed pretty forgiving.  After all they are grubby and uneven - and I don't mind that.

Setting up and using the sketch book for a trial run with the turnips.

Happy with the colour and texture options and feel satisfied we will get along together.

It's also nice to work with a subject that lasts longer than a day or two!

 With the last artwork I forgot to tape it to my plexiglass board and rushed into it ...

First washes going on ...
This time I set myself up properly - paper taped down, plus two sheets of tracing paper covering the artwork when I'm not working on it .. or to use under my arm in the warm conditions ....

  I keep getting reminded of deadlines and timelines .... in six weeks we leave for London so I can attend the mid-course seminar for the SBA Distance Learning Diploma Course.  I am so excited because it's also a very special wedding anniversary and after the seminar my husband and I will be travelling to France to take a well earned holiday. 

I really have to get a move on with these turnips .... I want to finish early as I lose a month in my timeline for the coursework and need to work fast.  Our business is also increasing in leaps and bounds so between the office and the studio is a well worn path!  If only I had time to take a leaf out of Gracie's book and relax a little more ...


  1. Aww Vicki, I didn't know that you'd e celebrating a wedding anniversary soon too. How lovely! France will be beautiful - whereabouts are you going in France?

    Can't wait to meet you. Your turnips are looking great. It's funny - I rarely get the time to set it all up properly either when doing assignments. I tend to rush into them. Nice to see it all prepared properly. I hope this assignment goes well for you. You've made an excellent start on them. That purple tinge is marvellous.

  2. Thanks Jess .. we are heading to the French Alps, Provence and Paris ... can hardly believe it. It's a very long journey from Western Australia though, not looking forward to that part!
    I hope it goes well too Jess - I have a feeling the course is going to get much harder from here!

  3. Oh Vicki, I hope to meet you too. Can't wait to see your turnips and I should take a lesson from you as I tend to rush in without planning, ect properly -especially compositions!! xx

  4. Well done on your turnips, one more assignment done! Time flies indeed.... I am looking forward to meet you, not that long to go now :))

  5. Best wishes for the assignment! It looks beautiful already, and safe travels too.

  6. What a cool subject Vicki! :) By the way, a friend of mine Russian botanical artist Olga Makrushenko goes to UK too at the same time. Maybe you'll meet each other somehow. It would be wonderful, at least I will listen about you :) She is going to mee Barbara Oozeerally (they are friends) as well. So nice all of you will be together, Sigrid too I think :)

  7. How great to hear that you will be at the seminar in April. As I will be joining course 8, I have been invited to attend the seminar so it would be great to see you.

    Gracie certainly has the right idea there about finding time to relax, but with deadlines looming, it's more like hair tearing out time. Congratulations on your Anniversary and I hope you enjoy France.

    The turnips are coming along great, the colour is gorgeous. Your set-up is very professional, if only I could be as organised. Hoping to see you soon. x

  8. Hello, Vicky.I have very admired(on FB) the composition of these three vegetables, truly dynamic!!!