"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

What I love about blogs .....

After working in the advertising and media industry for most of my career - blogs hold a personal attraction for me as being unaffected by perfectionist editors and airbrushng  ... if the eyes are the windows to the soul - then maybe a blog is a window to your very unique world.

Here's a window to my world ...

Back in the day (a term my kids use relating to any time period before they were around) the way to showcase your work, company or ideas was usually in print media, television, radio and websites.  That basically meant those of us with entrepreneurial or creative skills had to either work for the company selling the product or spend a fortune just getting the word out that we exist.

 Now anything is possible .... anyone with a creative urge or great idea can set up a blog in their spare time to showcase their product,  relate life stories and basically live their life while their blog tells their story for them - free!  We all have the technology - the computers, the digital cameras and the internet .... tell your story but make it truly yours .....

Meet my beloved furchild Gracie ....

 There are many amazing images and artworks easily accessible on the internet - Pinterest is a website where you can collect images onto pinboards for personal reflection and bookmarking - I enjoy the site and browse it.  There is a trend however of these images being repinned and eventually uploaded into blogs and websites with no source link or credit to the original photographer or artist.   Suddenly the lines of authenticity and copyright blur ...

Photo by .... me

For those bloggers out there who do share their own photos and artworks and don't want them to appear on other sites  - here is a link to an article showing how to prevent others from pinning your images without permission .... from the Making A Mark blog

Guess who got a new camera for her birthday?

 I'd like to give a thumbs up to the ordinary and the everyday ...   it's easy enough to take a good image  with the digital technology we have .... upload it,  tell a story and share your thoughts and ideas.  

Thanks for visitng!

For me it's back to work in the studio ... some very exciting times ahead and I look forward to sharing them .....


  1. thanks so much for the information on preventing pinning :)

  2. The top photo is especially gorgeous. Gracie is so cute! I don't have pinterest yet, but the copyright issues are definitely worth thinking about.

  3. Great post. It's really lovely to see your garden Vicki, it looks beautiful!

  4. I look forward to reading about your exciting times!

  5. Very current, especially as copyright is top news just now. Loving Gracie and the garden is fab.