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SBA Distance Course - Vegetable Study ...

Vegetable Assignment - Turnips

 This assignment is well and truly finished -  I'm not a fan of vegetable paintings but this project has helped me to see them through different eyes ...

More washes going on ...

What I did enjoy was painting a subject that lasted a long time ... really helped with the observation process rather than a plant or flower which changes before your eyes and makes the process a lot more tricky.

Taking shape with the cut stems ...

The real ones starting to deteriorate ...

I also enjoyed using a limited palette -  Quinacridrone Violet and Winsor Violet for the purples, Naples Yellow and Sepia for the dirty bits and then Cadmium Lemon and Cerulean or French Ultramarine for the greens.

Getting bolder ....

I was quite surprised how many washes it took to create the depth  to show the form and tone of these turnips ... they are heavy  with a grubby, irregular form but yet I also see the magnificent colour and flamboyant display of stems ... disappointing not to have the leaves but there were none at the grocery store ... in the end I quite liked the stems the way they are.  Maybe I will paint more vegetables ..... for now happy to send this trio on their way!

© Vicki Lee Johnston

My trio of tumbling turnips!


  1. Beautiful job! Best wishes for the assignment... they look yummy I hope that will help the teacher

  2. Hello,Vicki.I am VERY glad to see you at work
    to your blog!!!

  3. Beautifully done as usual! They look great!

  4. Truly beautiful..yes, great job Vicki.

  5. Perfectos Vicki, hermoso trabajo, saludos.

  6. Lovely done Vicki, I'm not such a fan of veg or fruit paintings either, but your turnips are wonderful xxxx

  7. Wow, they are beautiful! You did a good job with this assignment. The colors are great.

  8. Well done Vicki - these are a lovely trio. I love the purple tinge - it really brings them to life and the white bottoms are just the right shade - so tricky to do I am sure. I hope you get a good mark for them.

  9. I love these Vicki. Using a limited palette has certainly given them plenty of zing and I love the shine on them. Good luck with your result I am sure you will do well.

  10. A beautiful trio Vicki - Congratulations!!

  11. Thank you so much Matteo, Rita, Alena, Manon, Mononoke, Claire, Jennifer, Jess, Jarnie and Hedera ... happy with the results and they should be heading back home from London now. Really appreciate your feedback x