"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

Joyful, joyful ...

It is the most beautiful weather here in Perth this Easter weekend ... perfect to enjoy the garden.

The weather is still so mild - the fragrance in the air is stunning with the last of the frangipani and roses still doing well ....

The exhibition is still on - can you believe I haven't made it there but will be going soon before it ends!  My back is much better now and I am looking forward to the travels ahead.
It is such a lovely time -this time last year I was enjoying Easter with my beloved Gracie ...

Losing our Gracie was incredibly tough and she will never be replaced - however we have been hoping for another furchild in our family and have been waiting very patiently for our newest family member....

Ta dah!  This lovely mama is Sasha and here are her and Rusty's puppies just after they were born.
They are now three weeks old and we have been able to watch them grow - now the time has come to choose our puppy ...

Can you imagine trying to choose from this basket of cuteness?!
Second from the left is our new addition peeping over the edge!
It's little Bailey ... fat as butter and gorgeous!

 She is still with her mama and will be for another six or seven weeks until it's time to come to the Johnston homestead.  Just as well she is not ready to be with us - there is a lot to be done beforehand to puppy proof the house ...and make the most of our garden while it still looks good!

In the meantime we pray for good health, peace and happiness ...

 Blessings to you and yours - Happy Easter everyone!!

"Patience is the key to joy ..." Mevlana Rumi


  1. Vicki, your botanicals are just beautiful and I especially love the hydrangea that is in your profile photo. They are my favorite flower to look at, but second favorite after lilacs (which I love most because of their scent). I also have to tell you that you are gorgeous yourself.

    Anyway, saw your comment on Diana's blog and had to come see your own puppy news (I'm a sucker for puppies). Your pick is the one I immediately felt was yours (that was odd of me). Anyway, an adorable puppy! Are these Labradoodles?

    1. Thank you so much, that's lovely .. I am so excited for Diana also :)
      The puppies are King Spoodles - poodle crossed with cavalier king charles spaniel. My last dog Gracie who we had for ten years was also a spoodle - they are adorable.
      How wonderful you thought the same - a dear friend also said the second from left - it's meant to be!
      I hope you will keep visiting x

  2. OH Vicki, I'm so happy for you. Bailey is gorgeous! I know exactly how you feel and I miss my Daisy but am looking forward to my puppy too!! We will have some much fun! Your yard and garden are lovely! I'll bet Bailey will enjoy out there with you. What a wonderful blessing.I'm so excited for you! Wishing you a blessed Easter and much love, Diana

    1. Thank you Diana :)
      She is gorgeous - we are so happy ... still a way off getting her but we need the time as we are travelling soon - and then excited to return to her.
      We will have fun! Lots of puppy antics - good for the soul ...
      Happy Easter x