"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

New life ....

Wisteria is blooming and the fragrance is incredible!

I'm really enjoying our spring weather so far and especially  looking forward to longer hours of sunlight, an array of beautiful colours and abundant inspiration.

The May Hedge is in bloom, stunning white hedge

In amongst all the gorgeous foliage and blossoming flowers we found a little bird's egg on the ground today.

Love the pretty colours, almost edible!

I think it's probably a magpie egg, happy to be corrected though.  It has a small hole at the back and was empty but very fragile.  There is protective birdlife everywhere and much squawking and chasing of rivals.

The birds around here are pretty tame and often allow us to feed them and help them - many of the magpies are brilliant at mimicry and imitate dogs barking, sirens and people talking to you - can be most confusing!

They love our little world and are pretty spoilt with all the trees and creatures in our garden.

Pink and grey galah - comical birds 

This kookaburra came right up to our window at breakfast
The egg we found alongside a vintage picture of painted eggs

I would love to have the time to paint the egg but for now will have to put it on hold.  Instead please enjoy a beautiful painting of quail eggs done by my friend and botanical artist Sigrid Frensen, from the Netherlands. The link to her painting is below .....


  1. Cher Vicki,
    J'adore les photos que vous avez mises sur ce ''post''. Mais encore mieux, la poésie que dégagent vos mots. On peut ressentir l'amour de la nature et de la vie.

  2. Aaaaaw, thank you! I love that egg you found and to see all those wonderful birds. Compared to yours, ours seem so ordinary :P

  3. Yes Vicki,I want to emigrate now and see Kookuburras at my window -just gorgeous xx

  4. I'm also enjoying the onset of spring Vicki... I love your bird pics - the fact that they are so at home with you. The egg you found is exquisite - I can't wait to see your painting.

  5. Thank you Pinotte, Sigrid, Claire and Hedera ... you are more than welcome to visit any time!!