"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

Going back home .....

 An emotional journey heading home to the farming district  ... we took my wonderful Mum back to see where many memories were made .... at a time when the region comes to life in wildflower season.

 The journey was a  trip down memory lane  ... it was  wonderful hearing the old stories and memories of my parents  settling in this rural area.  Like so many families in the country, life was not easy - hard work for often little reward when you are at the mercy of nature.

But nature made up for it by the little things which  stand out, picnics with the family amongst the beautiful wildflowers, the lovely sunrises and sunsets and even the awe inspiring storms. 

Coming back in spring in the middle of wildflower season makes everything look so colourful ...
It was wonderful to see the beautiful displays in amongst the harsh landscape ....

 It was a whirlwind trip but we managed to get to the popular old picnic spots ... it was a lot of driving but worth it to see the wildflowers in their natural environment.

I look forward to returning again one day but for now I have hundreds of photos .... will post a few more as I sort through ....

All images © Vicki Lee Johnston


  1. Beautiful Vicki-I so wish to visit in wildflower season one day xx

  2. Isn't it beautiful - I love seeing wild flowers in their natural environment. Lovely pictures Vicky:))

  3. Thank you Claire and Heidi - they are really beautiful and especially so when seen in their natural environment.

  4. This post is touching...probably my favorite..
    You speack for nature with beauty.
    Love your commment, and the pictures, so nice!