"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

Spring is in the air ...

Today was one of those days when you wake up and just know something’s different.   There’s a sense that the time has arrived for new growth and ideas.  All around your world is reinforcing this sense of forward movement by the emerging of new shoots, butterflies, flowers – there’s a gentle fragrance to remind you that even if you haven’t noticed, it’s here...

© Vicki Lee Johnston
 Flowers that always remind me it’s spring are freesias, as soon as I get the scent of freesia  it brings a flood of memories and it’s like going home.  My Dad had them growing everywhere and when the first blooms arrived he'd pick some and bring them inside with a grin on his face.  When I was in hospital having my second child he picked bunches and brought them in proudly.   I didn’t have the heart to tell him  I had terrible sinusitis and I couldn’t keep them in the hospital room!!   I painted this freesia in my first year studying botanical art.

Today I left my office and studio and took a walk on my favourite track here in the hills.  It’s a track I walked many times with my dear friend – and on our way we discussed life, work, children, our hopes and dreams for each of our lives.  My friend is working away from home now so we don’t get to walk so much and solve the world’s problems  ... however today I was reminded why I should do it more.

Time goes so quickly, the old stop and smell the roses theory is more important than ever.  On my walk today there were so many beautiful new flowers budding – leaves shooting – and even better - wildlife putting on a show, including a new family of ducklings ....  Nature has a way of putting everything into perspective and reminding you of the natural rebirth and growth patterns.  Every day I have a chance to look at the world through new eyes.

Soon we will have abundant wildflowers. Top of my wish list in the next couple of weeks is to go back to the farming area where I grew up and see them in all their glory again.   I’ll be taking lots of photos and video to bring back .... can’t wait for this road trip!


  1. Nice post, spring is coming over here in Brisbane too, I'm sure it will bring a new blow of inspiration..
    Best wishes

  2. Lovely post Vicki - thank you for sharing:)

  3. A lovely post and so true, a walk with nature really can clear the mind and recharge the batteries. Your photographs give us a glimpse of your day, beautiful butterfly.
    The course seems to be going well, the flower heads look wonderful. Glad spring has arrived.

  4. Thanks for your nice comments Matteo, Dianne and Milly ... lovely weather now, the days are brighter for sure!

  5. Wonderful spring photographs Vicki. We're almost "there" too... the sun has been shining, the skies are mostly blue, there's a sharp spring breeze and everyone seems that little bit more cheerful...

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  6. Thanks Hedera, seems like all that snow has melted then! Have a great one too x

  7. This is a beautiful post with lovely pics and a wonderful art piece Vicky!
    Enjoy your trip xxx