"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

So many books, so little time ....

The persimmon I painted in my first year held an interest for a wonderful Australian poet - Fiona Wright, who has just released a book of poetry.  The artwork was chosen for the front cover as one of the most important poems in the collection is about persimmons, as a symbol of hope and recovery. 
 In Fiona's words: "I really wanted an original artwork on the cover, because so much of poetry is about craftedness and making something by hand.   I've always been very interested in botanical drawing and its blend of science and art."


Another book very dear to my heart has been launched by an amazing Australian photographer,  Steve Fraser - it is the most magnificent book of inspired photographic images and text.  I edited the book with Steve and felt very privileged to see it as it unfolded.  Steve's ability to capture these sacred moments is  breathtaking.    "Moments in the Light" is the result of years of ideas, hard work and the utmost patience and dedication to the ultimate photographic capture.

Elaine Fraser is an accomplished author and publisher of Beautiful Books,  currently working on her third release and I'm looking forward to being involved in the editing process.  While there is also the option of online books, there is nothing like holding a beautiful book in your hands and soaking up the text and images.

I'm lucky to have many friends who are creatively inspired and on a journey being led by heart and soul to the place they feel at home.  Whether it be art, literature, photography, cooking, music, sport, philosophy, design, blogging  - there are countless opportunities to allow the mind to wander into that creative space and allow ideas to flow.  No matter whether it be entry level or complete professional - the world truly is our oyster ... it just begins with a thought, a feeling, an idea ....

© Vicki Lee Johnston