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Almost completed rose WIP

 I have almost finished my latest piece which had an extremely short deadline of one week from start to finish!  I had previously decided I wasn't going to put myself under the pressure of such deadlines but this was a labour of love and came together quite quickly.

Botanical art is a beautiful tradition, very exact and technical - but also an expression of the artist's curiosity with the natural world and wanting to portray it accurately through art.  

As I work in watercolour it seemed like a good fit to approach the Watercolour Society of WA for consideration to join their art community.  Acceptance is based on a juried submission, so I presented a number of paintings for assessment and I was very happy to be welcomed as a full member.  I was surprised to hear their annual exhibition was to be only weeks later, a great opportunity to work on a new painting.

With a very short time frame it's best to do what you are familiar with and choose a subject you love ... so for me it was the rose.  I have plenty of inspiration here in my garden and I chose a simple elegant rose in beautiful shades of pink.  I composed it in a classically traditional way - thinking along the lines of how Redoute would portray his magnificent rose paintings - as though they were suspended in mid air, with a slightly ethereal quality.
Some fine tuning to be done and then off to the framers.

© Vicki Lee Johnston

The pink rose represents love, gratitude, appreciation, gentleness and admiration.

 I would like to dedicate this rose painting to a special friend.
In honour of Rita and her beloved Danilo.
Un abbraccio forte xx

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  1. Beautiful work Vicki. I love the traditional composition. Congratulations on your acceptance - I hope the show is a great success :)

    1. Thank you Denise, I hope so too. Looking forward to it, there are so many talented watercolourists, will be a great show.

  2. Congratulations on your acceptance to the watercolour society! I am sure they will be thrilled to have your beautiful rose in their exhibition.

  3. Dear Vicki, I love the beauty of roses, the force with which they bloom, and then bloom again ... (new roses, but the same beauty, from the parent plant).
    Symbol of love, scent of spiritual beauty, the rose is a permanent symbol,universal.

    You painted so fine this flower that seems lifelike. It seems smells, too...

    Thanks for your warm thought for Danilo and me.
    Our roses are now called Valentina, Beatrice, Alice and Leon ...
    I can not think of anything else to overcome the sudden distance
    that has arisen between me and Danilo.
    Beauty and love only balm to heal my soul with warmth of friendly words that continue to caress me, coming from so many loving hearts as your dedication of this post, to Danilo and me.

    1. Rita thank you so much for your words, I imagine it must be so difficult for you.
      I couldn't stop thinking of you while I painted the rose.
      You have always been such a wonderful influence and create such beautiful work.
      I hope for you that beauty surrounds you and fills your day - and that there are so many more treasured memories for the legacy of you and Danilo ... your beautiful family.
      Much love xx

  4. Dear Vicki, thank you so much for dedicating a touch of your art to my mom and my dad

    1. You are very welcome Valentina, sending a big hug to you and your family