"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

Graceful ...

It's spring here in Westerm Australia and the best time of all ... the garden is really starting to take off and more so with the latest additions.

I've felt pretty flat lately because we miss our beloved Gracie so much.   I went looking for these roses - her namesake - and wanted to plant them in an area of the garden she wasn't often allowed - it isn't properly fenced off  and would have been too easy for her to disappear.  She loved this area when she ventured into it - and would sit and survey her surroundings for hours.

Planting more roses

We have a large garden which comes in handy, considering all the plants and cuttings I need to study for botanical art.  We're constantly working on different areas of the property to improve and generate more growth - and it's a huge undertaking.     I managed to find four of these rose bushes and they now have a new home in our garden.

I was so happy to see they have already started flowering - they're a really lovely scent of warm cinammon and honey.   My friend Jessica at Inky Leaves suggested the pattern of the petals was much like Gracie's beautiful apricot/cream coloured fur ... now I will think of that every time I see them blooming, a beautiful reminder.

 Also, our dear friends gave us this beautiful rose bush - "Gift of Grace" - they adored our Gracie too and spent a lot of time with her - our dogs were best of friends.
And - it's flowering already ... so lovely.   So we now have a 'Graceful' garden bed to enjoy.

As for the botanical art distance course - well, we're now onto our final assignment before the diploma portfolio works.  The current assignment is a composition of mixed flowers.  You'd think that would be easy - considering it's springtime.  

Once again, it's harder than it seems.  I was going to include wisteria - our vine is stunning, but there are so many petals and stems and colour hues and even though it is a gorgeous subject, it wilts as soon as you cut it.   After weeks of drawing, hayfever and colour studies it's back to the drawing board ...

Always with us xxx


  1. OH Vicki, your garden is lovely, Grace is very loved and honored. I planted around Daisy's grave and it was the prettiest part of the yard. I wish I knew how to comfort you. Just know Grace still loves you and is with you always in your heart.It's hard. So hard. I still grieve for my Daisy and she died 6 months ago yesterday. Sending you a hug and love,Diana

  2. Thanks Diana - I do miss her company, she was a wonderful companion. But life goes on and time helps I guess. Being amongst nature certainly does ..

  3. Hi Vicki ... your roses are beautiful and so is Gracie. I can understand your feelings as our Black Labrador, Faith died last year and we miss her very much. We are fast approaching Winter here in Scotland, so I will enjoy coming to your Blog and sharing your lovely weather and your beautiful artwork!

    1. Thank you Ingrid. I am sorry for your loss ...
      Happy to share weather and art always :)

  4. Very touching ...all i can say..xx

  5. The Grace roses are absolutely beautiful Vicki. David Austin's roses always have such perfect blooms so these should be glorious when they all get going. Soft, warm and fluffy, Jess was right there, just like your Gracie.

    Good to see a little of what's next. Wisteria is just lovely and the colour is so right for spring but as you say, not a keeper. Fingers crossed you find something soon.

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss of Gracie. She sounds like a wonderful companion and friend. The roses will be a comforting remembrance. I hope all goes well for you with assign. 12--wisteria blossoms are classic beauties! I thought I was done with the composition but just found out that we should include more than 2 types of flowers/plants so am going back to the drawing board, sigh... We are almost to the finish line, Vicki!

  7. Hi Janene - so nice to hear from you. I still haven't started Assignment 12 - life has become so busy that I have had to drop all non essential activities - but my blog is dear to my heart and the comments are so appreciated. Not sure how things will pan out but I am giving it my best shot. Good luck to you with the composition ... not easy!