"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

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 Another year has gone by and it's been a very productive one. I started my blog in January this year as a personal diary of my journey studying botanical art and in particular the SBA Distance Diploma Course.  I was encouraged  to try this after seeing a few botanical artists blogging their own experiences and felt it might be helpful to combine artwork with technology. The interesting outcome from this blog is I that managed to have one of my artworks selected for the cover of a book after the author googled images.  I wasn't sure how to go about the negotiation process and spent time learning about copyright and ownership of artwork. 

Watercolour painting of Persimmon chosen for cover
© Vicki Lee Johnston

Other artists can be a great source of encouragement and knowledge and it is so helpful to connect to the online network and see what's around you. 
One of the most recent surprises was being nominated for the 
Making A Mark Awards for Best Portrayal of Nature in an art blog.
To achieve this you must be nominated by a fellow art blogger -  the artist who nominated my work was Jessica Rosemary Shepherd.  The ironic thing about this is that it was Jessica's blog Inky Leaves which first attracted me to blogging - I have found it so helpful to follow her progress in the SBA Course as she is a year ahead of me ... 
There have been many ups and downs for her and it has made me feel more comfortable about the course and the efforts required.  When you see how tiny her workspace is, her efforts at juggling her full time work with assignment deadlines ... it is actually reassuring to see that for so many of us, no matter how experienced, we do feel similar frustrations.

The nominated artwork as a work in progress- Alyogyne huegelii 'West Coast Gem'
© Vicki Lee Johnston

The voting has finished and my artwork recevied the least votes but it certainly is an honour to be nominated ... and has capped off a very difficult year in a lovely way.  Here are all the nominated artworks in each category of the Making A Mark Blog Awards:
Best Artwork on a Blog

I would really encourage those of you considering starting a blog to do so if you are able .. it has added so much to my artistic journey and I believe it really is a great way to network  - I see how well it works and may lead to all kinds of possibilities.

© Vicki Lee Johnston

I want to thank you for your support and in particular the lovely comments - art can be a very isolating experience at times.  I have a very busy year ahead with the course ....  so for the New Year I wish you all peace, health and happiness ... much inspiration and many completed artworks! 


  1. Ahhhh lovely page Vickiand well done once again :) What a way to start the new year! How do you do the little copy mark at the bottom of each picture? x

  2. What a lovely post Vicki! I enjoyed this (for obvious reasons :P ) No but really. Nice image of the sun set, very apt for the end of a year and the start of another. Is that close to where you live in Perth?

    Thanks for mentioning my grapes, it was very sweet of you. I enjoyed nominating your 'purple painting' Vicki - it deserved recognitiion. I thought it was superb. The only other paintings that I thought should have got up there was maybe one of Diane Sutherland's, or the field study by Sonja, which I also loved.

    So another year hey?! I tell you something, I am quitely going a bit mad here in the UK. I don't think I am going to get this work done. Blog post to explain will follow shortly!

    All the best for 2012. Well done for all your amazing work.

  3. Thanks Julie and Jess. Actually I took the photo as the moon was rising over Apollo Bay in NSW, Australia.
    I agree Jess - I would have nominated others too but I am so new to all of this so will definitely keep a lookout next year - Sonja doesn't have a blog but Dianne surely does, and yours also would have been very worthy nominees. Now we just have to work on getting the best quality photos on our blogs!

  4. What a wonderful post, Vicki! And congratulations on the book cover!! It's an absolutely beautiful painting. I look forward to following your blog in the new year! Best wishes to you.

  5. You secured nearly a third of the votes and should be very proud of yourself! Well done for this past year; I am sure you will do just as well this coming year. I look forward to follow your journey in your lovely blog and of course on FB :) Very best wishes for 2012!

  6. At the end of the year we think of what this year brought us. You made some great botanical artworks this year.
    I hope you keep writing about your personal journey. I find your work very inspiring and very beautiful. Congrats with the book cover! Who knows what 2012 will bring? Great exhibitions? Great assignments or orders? I'm sure you will make some wonderful colorful paintings.
    Happy new year! Jennifer

  7. Congrats on your nomination for a truly beautiful painting Vicki.Stay on track and keep inspired for 2012.It is a great thing that we all inspire and encourage each other.

    Have a happy new year xxxx(hope we can all meet up too!)

  8. felicidades Vicki y feliz año nuevo.

  9. A really terrific post Vicki and a huge well done on the nomination. Jess is right, your purple painting really is superb and deserved to be in the running.Keep at it and you will go from strength to strength :)

  10. It is a privilege to be your friend sweet Vicki.

    You desserve the best for the next year; you worked so hard last year but at least''you got fruits'' from it.

    I love your blog; You write with ''poésie''..so beautifully done and i enjoy very much the way you show us a little bit of your life.

    Love to you..

  11. Lovely post Vicki! Your blog is very professional and also beautiful. Love your work - it is really inpirational. Congrats on your achievements. You deserve it!
    Happy 2012 to you and your family.
    Heidi xxx

  12. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Your art work is always beautifully done and reflects your care and attention. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings.
    Best wishes Millyx

    Love the beach, jealous! Cold and stormy here.

  13. Thanks so much Julie, Jess, Carol, Alena, Jennifer, Claire, Mononoke, Jarnie, Manon, Heidi and Milly .. for your lovely wishes and support in 2011. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress over 2012 ... great inspiration to you all xxx

  14. Happy New Year Vicki and congratulations on the book cover

  15. Best wishes for the new year Vicki, with los of inspiration and good work!

  16. Congrats!Vicki you have a stunning book cover.Keep the work and am there are lots of nice book cover coming so soon....