"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home" (Twyla Tharp)

A home among the gum trees .....

It was such a pretty day today - I went into my garden and cut a bunch of roses to form a lovely bouquet  in memory of a very special person. 

We drove to a beautiful setting chosen by Dad to be his final resting place.  He loved that it felt like country while still being in the metro area and he had told us this was where he wanted to be.

It can get a bit crowded at times though, seems the kangaroos are literally in heaven here too!
They are everywhere ... quite content and very well fed.  Before leaving I took a wander around the beautiful grounds ... acres of treed property with many special places to spend quiet time.

Mum and joey not happy about the nearby crow

I came across a mother and baby kangaroo - a joey - such a familiar sight as I hand reared and bottle fed an orphaned joey kangaroo on the farm.

'Is he gone yet?'  
Back to the safety of Mum's pouch!

After spending some time we left the flowers beautifully arranged in Dad's spot ... when a very friendly kangaroo came very close ...

 He stayed and watched us for a while ... then we collected our things and left the flowers ...

We turned around and noticed our friend heading towards our spot ...

Our roses!!!

According to the groundskeeper they really love the red ones!!
Surely those thorns hurt?

Oh well ... I guess the lovingly picked roses are already fertilizer for the beautiful grounds ....
helping to make it truly the green, green grass of home ...... xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Very emotional post for me but fun to see and read your kangourou's story! xx

  2. A Beautiful post Vicki....thankyou for sharing this...Truly an memorable place to be at rest!


  3. A beautiful place to rest. So sorry. Your kangaroo story is very endearing. Diana

  4. Beautiful, I like your tolerance with the kangaroos, lovely story.

  5. Oh Vicki, this looks really like paradise. What a lovely place and a beautiful gesture....:)xoxoxox

  6. Thank you Diana, Matteo and Heidi ... Manon and Craig - it is such a difficult time - many cherished memories xx